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Our Process

We have listened, evaluated, and implemented your needs. Through our talent pool, a consultation with your office, and an in-depth interview process, we are confident to exceed your expectations. 

Sometimes just experience doesn't mean a good fit. We will use a variety of our skillsets to determine who is not only tenured in the specialty of your choosing, but find someone who also cohesively fits into the culture of your team.

Complete Search-and-Fit Talent Agency to outfit your needs   

1-on-1 Consultation

We connect with the employer and the job seeker to evaluate the specific need and fit of the opportunity.

Thorough Interviewing

Through our talent pool, we will determine, through industry expertise and thorough evaluation, the best candidates for each position

Swift Selections

We are confident and determined to provide you with the right candidate quickly, minimizing rehiring and lost production.  

We take finding you the proper fit seriously. We will coordinate post-hire follow ups to ensure we met your standards. 

Post-Hire Follow Up

We will expand your abilities to find talent so your team is structured to fit your needs. 


6586 W. Atlantic Ave, #1141

Delray Beach, FL, 33446





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